08/05/2024: Today’s “Rice Technical Training Course” covered following topics: 1. Review of first week. 2. Importance of using calibrated equipment. 3. Moisture, Aflatoxins Control and Checks, in detail. 4. Demo on Recommended moisture testing method by KETT Riceter moisture meter. 5. Definitions and Judgment criteria of Defective Grains. (As per Pakistan Standards vs ISO standards) The training is being conducted by Ms. Yasmin Ismail, MC Member REAP and Syed Hamid Raza, (PMEX) Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, both of them having vast experience in Product Knowledge, Quality Control, Food Safety Audits, Collateral Management, ISO Standards and Rice Analysis. The training session is being attended by REAP Members and the rice community. Practical of following were also done during the session for better understanding: 1. Moisture testing protocols using KETT Moisture Meter. 2. Sample Analysis, weighing increments & reporting. 3. Grains selection and measuring AGL, broken & identification of defective grains, (Damaged, red stripped, under milled, chalky, F/M, immature, yellow, pecks, heat damaged, molds, caked) (PSI/7301).