04/05/2024: Today Pakistan Rice Technical Training Course covered following topics: 1. Review of previous sessions. 2. Laboratory sample preparation method using proper equipment. 3. How to prepare test portions/samples. 4. Analysis process flow & use of calibrated equipment. 5. Brief intro on mechanized rice farming. 6. Discussion on vertical storage (Grains & Rice Silos) 7. Use of proper equipment for rice analysis. The training is being conducted by Ms. Yasmin Ismail, MC Member REAP and Syed Hamid Raza, (PMEX) Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, both of them having vast experience in Product Knowledge, Quality Control, Food Safety Audits, Collateral Management, ISO Standards and Rice Analysis. The training session is being attended by REAP Members and the rice community. Practical of following were also done during the session for better understanding: 1. Reducing sample with grain divider. 2. Reducing sample with coning & quartering method. 3. How to weigh reduced sample and analyzed increments on precision scale. 4. Calculation of weighted average per analyzed parameter.