Today Pakistan Rice Technical Training Course covers following topics: 1. Terms and definition of rice ISO 7031/PSI. 2. Grain classification (head rice whole grain). 3. Sizes & parts of kernel (broken sizes). 4. Analysis / identification of rice grains (paddy, brown, parboiled & white). 5. Analysis of broken grains (different sizes of brokens). 6. What is AGL and how to select grains. 7. How to calculate grain sizes basis whole grain length. 8. How to weight analyzed increments on precision scale and calculate weighted percentage per parameter. The training is being conducted by Ms. Yasmin Ismail, MC Member REAP and Syed Hamid Raza, (PMEX) Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, both of them have vast experience in Product Knowledge, Quality Control, Food Safety Audits, Collateral Management, ISO Standards and Rice Analysis. The training session is being attended by REAP Members and the rice community. Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP also participated in the said Course and appreciated the efforts of Ms. Yasmin Ismail and Syed Hamid Raza towards the Rice Industry.