16/09/2023: 2nd meeting to discuss moisture and broken issues in rice. Meeting has been chaired by Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP at REAP House, Karachi today. After detailed discussions, in the interest of trade, to ensure quality exports smoothly and to avoid quality complaints due to high moisture, it has been unanimously decided by MC Members and Leading Rice Exporters to maintain the same conditions already imposed in last circular. The said meeting was attended by MC Members REAP, Mr. Fuad Hamid Garib, Mr. Muhammad Noman, Mr. M. Salman Paracha, Mian Ahmed Akbar, Mr. Asif Ali Shaikh, Mr. Muzzammil Rauf, Ex-Chairman REAP Mr. Rafique Suleman, Mr. Mahmood Moulvi, Ex-Senior Vice Chairman REAP Mr. Muhammad Anwar Mianoor, Mr. Muhammad Raza, Ex-MC Members REAP Mr. Shahid Tawawalla, Mr. Teka Mal, Mr. Ashfaq Ghaffar, Mr. Abdul Latif Paracha, Mr. Qamar Raza Shoukat, Mr. Kazim Khandwala & Other REAP members.