15/08/2023: Meeting with Mr. Agha Saeed, Collector Custom (Appraisement), Quetta, Commissioners, Inland Revenue FBR, Mr. Hammal Baloch and Mr. Abdul Hameed Abro held at REAP House, Karachi today. The said meeting was Chaired by Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP and attended by large number of Rice Exporters namely, MC Members of REAP, Mr. Muhammad Noman, Dr. Muhammad Hafeez, Ex-MC Members, Mr. Javed Jillani, Mr. Abdullah Hashwani, Mr. Kazim Khandwala, Mr. Ashfaq Ghaffar, Mr. Abdul Rashid Janmohammad and other REAP Members. During the meeting, FBR Officials assured all the participants that they will be available for any assistance regarding any issues related to FBR. In the end Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP thanked all the participants and presented REAP’s Shields to the honorable guests.