15/08/2023: Meeting with Delegation of Rice Brokers Association held at REAP House, Karachi today. The said meeting was Chaired by Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP and attended by large number of Rice Exporters and Brokers namely, MC Members of REAP, Mr. Muhammad Noman, Dr. Muhammad Hafeez, Ex-MC Members, Mr. Javed Jillani, Mr. Abdullah Hashwani, Mr. Kazim Khandwala, Mr. Abdul Rashid Janmohammad and other REAP Members while Dr. Rakesh Motiani led the delegation of Rice Brokers. During the meeting increase in Rice Brokerage Rates has been discussed deeply and after due deliberations and healthy discussion, it has been decided that Rice Brokerage rates will be increased. In the end Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP thanked all the participants and assure them full cooperation from REAP’s side.