REAP Delegation led by Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Chairman REAP to Department of Plant Protection (DPP), Government of Pakistan Meeting of REAP Delegation with Mr. Allah Ditta Abid, Director General, Department of Plant Protection (DPP) and Nasir Ahmad Deputy Director (Quarantine) today 10th October, 2022. The meeting was attended by Mr. Haseeb Ali Khan, Senior Vice Chairman REAP, Ch. Samee Ullah Naeem, Convener NZ, REAP’s Committee on DPP Matters, Mr. Muhammad Raza, Convener SZ, REAP’s Committee on DPP Matters, MC Members from North and South Zone. Mr. Allah Ditta Abid congratulated all the newly elected Office Bearers & MC Members and express that DPP and new team of REAP will coordinate as always for the betterment of trade. Mr. Chela Ram Kewlani, Mr. Haseeb Ali Khan & REAP Team apprised DG DPP about various issues, such as to open Mexican market, registration of rice mills for the export to Russia and China.